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I was raised with music, television, and the rapid explosion of information and technology. I am apart of the generation that some my mother calls thefirst truly multicultural and multimedia generation.I live in a society where I can access technology easily and determine my own potential for success.For thefirst time...

Personal Story essays

I've realized that no student is perfect. Some students excel in English while others excel in science or even athletics. I've excelled in communication. As a freshman I only dreamed of what it was like to be a leader. Never once did I believe that I could or would accomplish,...

Reversing Diabetes

A little inside voice told me that I should. Started to realize that had been feeling very tired even after the birth of my first baby. “it is normal” friends, co-workers and relatives would say: “you just became a mother. Went to the doctor and he gave me some pills....

Cda Personal Story

As a young child, I went to four different elementary schools. I ended up graduating High School from the last of those schools, Southfield Christian High School. It was here that I decided would eventually work with youth in some way. My life took a small detour before I got...

A Personal Story of Nursing

In this paper I would like to discuss important interactions I had with different nursing staffs and how these nurses showed esthetics knowing and personal knowing in the treatment of my grandmother and how these two patterns of knowing are intertwined. This hospital experience and the nursing witnessed has definitely...


I'm Mary

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